Popia Nestum

Thanks to kina bagi share pic ni. pandai dia ambik gambar. hee..

Who want to buy popia nestum?

Price : RM 18.00 - 1 tupperware@300g

Taste is tasty and crazy, guarantee satisfaction. Once tasted, definitely going again. Palatability to lick Tupperware.

*for those who want to oder to feast this year (2013), do oder now. thinking that my initial budget. Items will be sent to you in the month of fasting, before the festival.

To those who want to be deliver by post, please sms full name, address and quantity to my phone number below. Postage will be charged according to the ordered quantity. Mode of payment: Bank transfer / bank in.

Anyone interested in going to book can do so at my ym zach_ttchai@yahoo.com


Call me direct or SMS to this number : +6019 - 366 1762

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