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What People Want To Find On Website

When people search online, there are four things they are looking for (some people look for all of these, others just one or two).

First, they are looking for information. The Internet is all about content and making it accessible to interested people free of charge. Your Web site should not just be a "store." It should be a source of information about certain types of antiques and collectibles that people are interested in knowing more about.

And not just any kind of information. I've said it before in this column and will do so again now: Everything that appears on your Web site should be cool, compelling content. People these days have short attention spans and expect to have a measure of fun, excitement or drama when they do stuff online. Your content must be interesting, captivating and entertaining — the sort of stuff people will e-mail their friends about, creating a positive buzz for your Web site.

Second, they are looking for stuff they can't find in their …