Tutorial : Disable right-click di dalam page anda

Salin kod di bawah dan letak kod tersebut dalam widget blog anda :


  1. For like two days now, a random pop-up that says "anda sentuju" and it opens up a green page that's in either Indonesian or dutch(according to google translator) Is this a bad thing and if it is can I fix it?

  2. Still boley guna ctrl c (copy) and ctrl v (paste). So whats the point of diabling right click? Ikot trend ke?

  3. Even use of JavaScript does not dis-able right-clicking except for the un-initiated. Anyone who knows how to turn off their browser's javaScript can overcome any web page using so-called "no right-click" protection.

  4. it is really an interesting for the users to make them happy.

  5. Untuk disable copy u all boleh try ini ---> http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex9/noselect.htm


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